Donors rely on TRF’s regional expertise, multilingual staff and knowledge of nonprofits and programs in Latin America and the Caribbean to safely and securely support projects that make a difference. 

We would not be where we are today without the valuable input of our Board of Directors, which consists of leaders from diverse professional fields who are committed to furthering our mission.

Our Team
Beatriz Guillén
Beatriz Guillén Executive Director
Karine Pleszezak
Karine Pleszezak Director of Communications and Partnerships
Gabriela Monteiro
Gabriela Monteiro Compliance and Grants Manager
Alessandra LP Goto
Alessandra LP Goto Portfolio Associate
Our Board
Ken Ricci
Ken Ricci Board Chair
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Board Member
Patrick Amato
Patrick Amato Board Member
Amy McCarthy
Amy McCarthy Board Member
Michael Archer
Michael Archer Board Member
Rafael Guardans Cambó
Rafael Guardans Cambó Board Member
Cristina Pérez
Cristina Pérez Board Member
Alison Rende
Alison Rende Board Member
John H. Welch
John H. Welch Board Member
Manochere Alamgir
Manochere Alamgir Board Member
Lilyanna Yang
Lilyanna Yang Board Member
Pedro Lichtinger
Pedro Lichtinger Board Member