TRF collaborates with thought leaders in the U.S., Europe and developing countries to expand our reach and facilitate social investing across the globe.

We collaborate with FUNDESO, a leading nonprofit development organization in Spain, and with SOLIDARIOS, an association of nonprofit organizations based in the Dominican Republic. We are also a founding member of the Alliance for International Giving, which was created in 2007 to help U.S. donors overcome the challenges of international philanthropy.

The three partners in the Alliance – The Resource Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation United States, and Give2Asia – collaborate to give donors access to a combined philanthropic network that spans Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Whatever your reasons for giving charitably overseas — whether there is a personal passion that drives you to invest in special causes around the world, personal business interests in Argentina, China, Brazil, South Africa or elsewhere, or you are determined to make a difference in primary education, basic health care, rural economic development or HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, we can help you fulfill your goals.

The Alliance delivers several important benefits to donors:
  • A one-stop, proven network for reaching around the world.Collectively, alliance members have 30 years of experience funding local projects.
  • A wealth of information on charitable issues and giving options. Alliance members can coordinate research on areas of interest and help donors develop effective giving strategies.
  • Robust best practices. The alliance helps clients navigate U.S. giving regulations, international and donor accountability, and grantee effectiveness.
  • A shared community of donors. Working with the alliance, donors are able to leverage the experience and activities of a larger community of donors, creating a forum for sharing innovation and building momentum

Each of the three alliance partners connect donors with specific regions and offer personalized giving services.
The regional coverage of the alliance includes:

With its services and network for giving to the Asia-Pacific region. Give2Asia’s mission is to facilitate and encourage giving to Asia by providing personalized services to donors and nonprofit organizations. 

Founded by The Asia Foundation, Give2Asia helps overcome the common challenges associated with giving overseas. With a flexible menu of custom giving options, Give2Asia provides individuals, families, corporations, donor advised funds, and foundations the tools for fulfilling their charitable goals in Asia. Give2Asia and its overseas program advisors make philanthropy to Asia convenient, accountable, and tax deductible. Give2Asia is also a registered charity in Canada.

The King Baudouin Foundation United States, with its services and network for giving to Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) helps U.S. donors achieve their philanthropic goals in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. From a one time grant to a favorite charity overseas, to the development of a long-term, structured and effective giving program, it provides solutions that can be tailored to donors’ needs, interests, and priorities. KBFUS makes sure that donors giving remains personalized, efficient, tax deductible, and secure. KBFUS draws upon the 30 years of grantmaking expertise of its Brussels-based parent, the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), a founding member of the European Foundation Center, named after Belgium’s late head of state.