TRF supports effective and reputable nonprofit organizations in 30 countries throughout the Americas and the Caribbean that work to empower disadvantaged communities with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to improve their lives.

These locally based organizations have direct knowledge of their unique cultural, political and socio-economic context and are experienced in meeting the needs of their communities.

Our current network of affiliate, associate, and fiscal sponsorships include more than 370 local partners. Affiliate organizations receive fundraising support and an array of nonprofit management and advisory services. Fiscal sponsorship funds offer a convenient and cost-effective way for Latin American nonprofits to accept tax-deductible gifts from U.S. donors. 

Associate organizations, which have been identified by or for our donors, receive grantmaking and administration services. We monitor and track the impact of all supported projects on a semi-annual basis. All of our local partners undergo our rigorous due diligence process on an annual basis.