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VidaGol is a Christian nonprofit association committed to helping young people from challenging social and economic backgrounds. It provides academic and vocational training, fellowship opportunities, sports activities,  alongside educational and personal development providing a strong foundation in values.


VidaGol’s initiatives are divided into three main programs:


  • The High School Program, which offers after-school tutoring for students aged 15 to 17 to enhance their academic performance;
  • The Gap Year Program, which assists high school graduates in preparing for national and international college entrance exams through a year focused on English studies, career planning, and exam preparation;
  • The University Program, which supports students transitioning to university life by offering spiritual, emotional, and academic support. Participants in the University Program spend one day a week at the VidaGol campus, continue their English studies, receive help with their college assignments, and are assisted in finding suitable job opportunities.

Each program includes personalized mentoring to ensure individual attention and support, helping young people build a solid foundation for their future.


VidaGol is located in the Jardim Cliper neighborhood, less than five minutes from Iporanga, one of the favelas in the extreme south of São Paulo, an area characterized by a diverse population where drug presence is significant, and where opportunities for higher education are limited. 


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