TRF’s Regional Program Set to Enter Third Year

A.7712In 2015, TRF will kick off the third year of its Regional Education and Gender Equity Program. The initiative brings together TRF local partners from 10 countries to strengthen academic and life skills and foster gender awareness among 4th – 6th graders. Thanks to a $3 million, three-year partnership between TRF and Caterpillar Foundation, the program engages teachers, parents and communities to target the underlying causes that bar access to quality education and gender equity in Latin America.

TRF is proud to report 2014 accomplishments including:

  • 87 reading spaces created
  • Nearly 9,000 children reached
  • Over 1,000 educators trained
  • 863 workshops held
  • 4,428 parents with increased involvement
  • 253 activities with the community

Among the 2014 outcomes, TRF’s evaluation tools have revealed a 75 percent increase in student interest in reading and a 49 percent increase in weekly time spent in the newly created reading spaces during after-school hours. In addition, children in the program scored better on average in Communication and Emotional Intelligence than children in control groups.

As the program enters its final scheduled year, TRF plans to ensure its long-term sustainability and impact by continuing to garner the attention and interest of educational authorities and by influencing public policy.

For more information about this program, check out our case studies in Peru and Brazil and watch this short video.