TRF’s 2nd Regional Education & Gender Equity Seminar a Success

DSC_0091On April 13-17, The Resource Foundation (TRF) held the second seminar and panel event of its Regional Education and Gender Equity Program in Chile. Representatives of each of the 10 partner organizations participating in the Program convened in Pirque, home to Fundación Origen, in the outskirts of Santiago, for the event.

The seminar was an opportunity for the group to share personal and intimate stories of successes and setbacks from their respective communities in 10 countries, exchange best practices, and set the stage for confronting challenges shared across the region in year three of the Program.

Why convene representatives from 10 partner organizations? At our core, TRF believes that:

  • Bolstering local capacity and leadership remains a critical success factor in fostering meaningful change
  • Strengthening relationships between people and organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean empowers the region to tackle shared challenges
  • Raising the visibility of the pillars of the Regional Program – life skills, academic reinfMB2_2069orcement and gender equity – helps advance its objectives

With these goals in mind, TRF launched the seminar with a public event that featured a panel of distinguished experts from diverse backgrounds, including corporate, political, educational and scientific, to create dialogue about gender and education as key elements of a more equitable future. Following the panel discussion, the presenters and audience gathered for breakout sessions to engage and connect around these issues.

Back at Pirque with the Regional Program participants on day two, the seminar continued with intensive workshops led by TRF along with groups of the nonprofit leaders. Using participatory activities such as interactive dialogue, role-play and a blindfolded challenge, the sessions served to cross-disseminatebest practices that:

  • Strengthen teachers’ ability to influence children’s intellectual, emotional and social intelligence
  • Address common challenges like physical, psychological and gender-based violence
  • Nurture empowered women and mindful menDSC_0236

In addition to strengthening the bonds within the practitioner network, a key objective of the Regional Program, the seminar allowed the group to discuss potential solutions and set the foundation for TRF and the network to explore ways of promoting the Program’s pillars beyond the reach of the three-year initiative.


By Gian Paolo Einaudi, TRF’s Director of Social Investments