TRF is excited to conduct our second training in Dominica August 29-31st

TRF’s innovative training program entitled, “Communication for Social Change” focuses on enhancing organizational capacity as a means to ultimately:

  • Plan and implement systemic changes to improve human rights in distinct cultural, economic, political and social contexts.
  • Mobilize communications to raise the voices of those who are not heard.
  • Transform power relationships to make them more equitable.
  • Increase access to justice and political participation of marginalized communities.
  • Create and maintain vibrant and inclusive human rights’ networks.

Training and knowledge sharing are essential to TRF’s mission to build local capacity of its nonprofit partners. 15 representatives (Executive Director, Administrative Coordinator/Manager, Project Coordinator) from five (5) TRF partner organizations in Dominica will participate. Participating organizations include Oasis of Blessings, Operational Youth Quake, Feed My Sheep, Dominica National Council for Women, and Community Hostels-The Grotto Home for the Homeless. Additionally, TRF will conduct five days of onsite visits to the nonprofits selected prior to the training workshops. The training program will indirectly reach an estimated 350 children, adolescents, and families currently receiving services from the organizations.

TRF’s training seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Train 15 practitioners on topics related to communication tools and strategies, sustainability, fundraising and nonprofit management.
  • Encourage communication as a tool for social change and support organizations in applying it to their vision for institutional work.
  • Develop a communication strategy for each participating organization
  • Conduct five days onsite workshops at five organizations (one day/organization)
  • Create safe space where participants learn with and from each other.
  • Engage participants to build stronger initiatives and actions for social justice.
  • Prepare and distribute materials to accompany practitioner’s learning.
  • Analyze and strengthen their institutional identity so it can be clearly communicated.
  • Facilitate the preparation of an implementation plan by each of the attendees tailored to their organizations’ needs.

At the end of the seminar, practitioners will complete an evaluation and detailed work plans with support and guidance from the training staff. Upon completion of the training program, TRF will prepare a series of customized work and actions plans and provide regular, ongoing technical assistance via phone and e-mail in order to assist the organizations in more fully developing and executing their Strategic Communications Plan.