Event in Chile Fosters Cross-Sector Dialogue on Ed. & Gender Equity

On April 14, TRF hosted the panel event, “Education and Gender: Seeds for an Equitable Future” in Santiago, Chile, with the support of local partner Fundación Origen and funding from Caterpillar Foundation. The event inaugurated the second seminar in connection with TRF’s Regional Education and Gender Equity Program, following the successful 2014 seminar held in Panama.

The event brought together distinguished panelists and around 60 attendees from Chile’s social, private and public sectors – including the 10 nonprofits from 10 Latin American countries participating in TRF’s Regional Program, as well as other TRF partners in Chile – for an afternoon focused on fostering thoughtful dialogue around the importance of education and gender equity for sustainable development in Latin America.

The wide range of perspectives including corporate, political, educational and scientific made for a rich discussion of important issues. A participatory set of roundtable conversations facilitated by TRF followed the panel, with panelists and audience members coming together in small groups to question gender norms and inequities and propose concrete solutions for change from personal and professional standpoints.

The panel event was the official start of an intensive two-day workshop seminar with Regional Program participants that was led by TRF.  Seminar workshops were held at Fundación Origen’s headquarters in Pirque, outside of Santiago.

The panelists included:

  • María Paz Epelman: president of AcciónRSE (Corporate Social Responsibility network) and vice president of public affairs and CSR for VTR (Chilean media conglomerate)
  • María de los Ángeles Fernández Ramil: creator and president of Hay Mujeres, political analyst and gender advisor to the president
  • Mary Anne Müller: founder and executive director of Fundación Origen
  • Bárbara Saavedra: biologist, ecologist and Wildlife Conservation Society director for Chile
  • Gian Paolo Einaudi (moderator): TRF’s director of social investments

For more information on the panel event, check out these articles (in Spanish) by Revista Paula, La Segunda, and Fundación Mar Adentro. Stay tuned to our blog for more on TRF’s recent seminar and site visits in Chile!

Para información sobre el evento inaugural en español, véase estos artículos publicados por Revista Paula, La Segunda y Fundación Mar Adentro.


Regional Program participants joined TRF staff and panelists for a group photo after the inaugural event.


Groups consisting of panelists, facilitators and attendees participated in an activity after the panel and Q-&-A session to question gender inequalities and propose concrete solutions.










Panelist María de los Ángeles Fernández Ramil (left), of Hay Mujeres, and Marcela Villagrán (right), of Johnson & Johnson, present their group’s discussion of the need for both leadership in public policy and personal initiative to fight gender inequality.


Panelists, from left to right: María de los Ángeles Fernández Ramil, María Paz Epelman, Mary Anne Müller and Bárbara Saavedra.










By Lisa Schohl, TRF’s Director of Communications