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Superación Personal a través de la Tecnología (SUPERATEC)

SUPERATEC, A.C. is an organization focused on educational and social development, offering opportunities through technological and entrepreneurial training in collaboration with like-minded institutions. Guided by their mission to enhance individuals’ capabilities, they utilize technology and knowledge as instrumental means for comprehensive education, improved employability, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Presently, SUPERATEC, A.C. boasts a nationwide network of 17 Digital Inclusion Centers, operating in synergy with other social development organizations situated within marginalized communities, effectively impacting the lives of over 82,000 individuals throughout their remarkable two-decade journey. Their meticulously designed training programs cater specifically to populations residing in underserved communities, empowering them to grow and address their essential needs. The organization remains acutely aware of the paramount importance of attaining the sustainable development objectives outlined in the 2030 agenda. 

Consequently, their unwavering commitment is to dismantle the cycle of poverty by ensuring the provision of quality and inclusive education, thereby engendering equal opportunities, decent employment, and sustainable economic growth. By harnessing the transformative potential of technology, SUPERATEC, A.C. has successfully facilitated numerous young individuals’ access to improved employment prospects and nurtured the acquisition of skills essential for navigating an increasingly digitized world. Their unparalleled expertise unequivocally demonstrates that technology serves as an immensely powerful instrument for effecting transformative change through education. To gain further insight into their remarkable work, kindly view their institutional video here:

How You Can Help
Support these efforts by donating below. Donations made to The Resource Foundation are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law. To learn more about SUPERATEC and how you can support its work, please call TRF at 212-675-6170.



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