One of the strongest Category 5 storms on record, Hurricane Irma, slammed into the Caribbean islands on September 5-7, before moving on to Florida on September 10. Despite the storm changing course and passing just north of Puerto Rico, the island’s residents still suffered heavy flooding, sustained winds and fallen trees that blocked roadways and damaged buildings. An estimated two-thirds of the island was left without power and roughly 56,000 residents had no potable water.

While still reeling from Hurricane Irma, another Category 5 storm, Hurricane Maria, struck Puerto Rico on September 20 and further devastated the island. In a single day, the storm dumped nearly 40 inches of rain on the island, leaving its entire population of 3.4 million without power. Forecasts estimate it could take months for power to be restored; 95% of the island is still in the dark after two weeks. Access to food, water, gasoline and cash remains severely limited and distribution is complicated by damaged roads and weakened communications. The current death toll stands at 34.

In times of such disasters, The Resource Foundation quickly mobilizes resources and reaches out to its local network to assess the situation as well as local needs and responses to determine where donors’ support can be best invested. The Resource Foundation partners with local non‐profit organizations that provide long‐term reconstruction and recovery assistance in areas afflicted by natural disasters. These organizations can quickly assess needs on the ground and develop initiatives that offer ongoing assistance in the medium and long-term so that victims can rebuild their homes, reestablish their businesses and restore their livelihoods.

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Cover photo: “170921-A-JG703-080” by U.S. Department of Defense