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Patrulla Aérea Civil Colombiana

The Colombian Civil Air Patrol (Patrulla Aérea Civil Colombiana) is a private, non-profit, nonsectarian organization with 58 years of experience in providing medical, surgical, humanitarian, and emergency medical care for communities living in conditions of poverty, extreme poverty, social or geographical exclusion, or those affected by armed conflict or natural disasters.
Many residents of rural areas in Colombia lack access to specialized medical services, resulting in preventable deaths and poor quality of life. The municipalities served by the Air Patrol often lack adequate hospital infrastructure, specialist doctors, and medical supplies. As a result, residents must travel to major cities for specialist appointments or surgeries, facing long wait times and significant expenses for transportation and lodging.
To address these challenges, the Air Patrol conducts medical brigades, mobilizing 50 health professionals and 2 tons of medical supplies in 10-15 planes. Each brigade provides essential medical services, including specialized consultations and surgeries, to an average of 800 patients. The beneficiaries of these services primarily come from communities experiencing extreme poverty and the lingering effects of the Colombian armed conflict.

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