Our network comprises over 370 leading nonprofit organizations throughout the Americas, working in a variety of development fields. All have been fully vetted by TRF.

TRF offers Latin American, Caribbean and Canadian nonprofits a range of value-added services to help them strengthen their organizational capacity and advance their mission.

Our Services
Fundraising support​
Technical assistance and information
Fiscal Sponsorship Funds​
Grant administration​
Comprehensive annual due diligence​
Monitoring and reporting support​
Monitoring and reporting support​
Representation in the U.S.​
Customized online donation portal​
Hosted Funds

Establishing a Fund (SubFund) through TRF enables individual, corporate and foundation donors to support causes and issues that are important to them throughout Latin America and the Caribbean without having to create or manage a private foundation.

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds are convenient and cost-effective ways for Latin American-based nonprofit organizations to accept tax-deductible contributions from donors in the United States.

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