Our corporate partners know that they can rely on us to help them handle their in-house grantmaking requirements in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner. TRF’s unique corporate partnership model helps leading U.S. companies advance their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility goals in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

We offer tailored services that ensure they meet their legal, fiscal, philanthropic and visibility goals:

WE help with:
Tax-deductible vehicles for giving to Latin America and the Caribbean​
Rigorous due diligence and ongoing compliance checks​
Grant management support and tax-efficient funds transfer​
Grantee identification from within or outside of TRF’s network​
Ongoing monitoring and impact measurement of projects supported​
Regional expertise, multilingual skills and dedicated relationship managers​
Diverse programmatic portfolio in key sectors of development​
Employee engagement and volunteer opportunities​
Philanthropic investment and advisory services​
Proven track-record of helping donors meet charitable and financial goals while creating a lasting impact​
Can work within a UN Sustainable Development Goal framework

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