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TRF offers Latin American, Caribbean and Canadian nonprofits a range of value-added services to help them strengthen their organizational capacity and advance their mission.

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Fiscal Sponsorship Fund

A cost-effective solution that allows nonprofits outside the US to seamlessly receive tax-deductible donations from US donors. We handle all donor interactions and back-office administrative tasks, including issuing tax receipts.

  • Download our Fiscal Sponsorship Fund brochure in English here.
  • Descárgate toda la información sobre nuestro Fondo de Patrocinio Fiscal en español aquí.
  • Baixe todas as informações sobre nosso Fundo de Patrocínio Fiscal em português aqui.

How to start your FSF in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open your fund
    We make it easy to open a fund with us. Simply provide us with details about your organization, its mission, activities, and current donors. Once we have reviewed your application, we will formalize your FSF through a signed agreement.

  2. Start Fundraising
    After setting up your fund, you can let your US donors that they can support your activities by contributing to your FSF. We accept cash (check, money order, or wire transfer), stocks, or bequests. We’ll create a customizable webpage for online credit card donations, and we will promptly send acknowledgments to your donors for each donation.

  3. Get your funds
    You will have direct access to donation statements and personalized relationship.

Seal of validation

The Seal of Validation is a standard of transparency and accountability in charity validation and due diligence. It assures that a nonprofit outside the US has successfully completed our rigorous vetting process, backed by decades of experience and industry-leading practices. Once validated, the organization enters our eligibility database for one or two years, depending on the assessed risk. This designation allows to receive grants recommended by The Resource Foundation donors, ensuring contributions go to reputable organizations. Our methodology, combining equivalency determination and expenditure responsibility, ensures compliance with U.S., international, and local regulations.

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