Latin America News Round Up – July 28, 2017

Venezuela on the Brink [VIDEO]

July 28 – “The country has been rocked by clashes between the opposition and the government of President Nicolás Maduro, who, despite deadly protests, promises to hold national elections on Sunday.” …read more

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July 24 – I Was Banned From Venezuela

July 26 – Can Venezuela Resurrect Its Economy?

July 26 – US Sanctions Venezuelan Officials to Pressure Maduro

July 27 – Venezuela bans protests ahead of vote

July 27 – U.S. orders Venezuela embassy families out, crisis deepens


Great Expectations: What’s It Like to Be 18 in Latin America?

“To be 18 in Latin America today is to believe anything is possible. After all, today’s young people have grown up in a time of almost unprecedented growth and opportunity. They are the first raised in a Latin America where the middle class outnumbers the poor. They are far more connected to the world via those ubiquitous smartphones  –  and have higher aspirations to match. About 84 percent of them believe they’ll reach their professional goals more easily than their parents did, according to a global survey by the Citi Foundation. No other region was more optimistic, the poll showed – not even Asia.” …read more


President Bachelet of Chile Is the Last Woman Standing in the Americas

July 24 – “For a few years, [Bachelet] and two other female leaders presided over much of South America, representing more than half of the continent’s population. Their presidencies — in Argentina, Brazil and Chile — made the region an exemplar of the global push for a more equitable footing for women in politics. […] But now, with one of her counterparts impeached and the other fighting corruption charges, Ms. Bachelet finds herself in an unsettling position: the last female head of government standing in the Americas. And in a few months, she will be gone, too.” …read more


Brazil: Landless Agricultural Workers Invade Farms of President’s Allies

July 25 – “Hundreds of landless agricultural workers have invaded farms belonging to Brazil’s agriculture minister, the former president of the Brazilian soccer association, and a close friend of President Michel Temer. The invasions on Tuesday form part of a campaign called “Corrupt People! Give Us Back Our Land” launched by the Landless Workers Movement – known by its Portuguese initials, MST – launched to ramp up pressure on Temer before a 2 August congressional vote on whether he should stand trial on corruption charges.” …read more


Bid to Ease Chile’s Abortion Ban Hits Roadblock

July 20 – “Chile’s Chamber of Deputies fell one vote short of passing the Senate version of a bill easing the country’s strict abortion law, a surprise setback to President Michelle Bachelet and abortion rights advocates.The Senate narrowly passed a bill on Wednesday that would legalize abortion when a woman’s life is in danger, when a fetus is unviable or when a pregnancy results from rape.” …read more



The Hot New Thing in Guatemala, Land of Coffee? It’s Coffee

July 25 – “In the narrative spun around specialty coffee, there are two kinds of places: those where people cultivate the beans and those where people consume the end result. On one side, the sturdy farmer from somewhere in Latin America or Africa plucks red coffee cherries against a tapestry of emerald plants. On the other, men and women in cozy cafes sip from fragrant cups of coffee identified by their exotic origins — Guatemala, for example, a small country of cloud forests and glistening mountain lakes where varied microclimates engender countless coffee varieties.” …read more


Mexico Launches Pioneering Scheme to Insure Its Coral Reef

July 20 – “A stretch of coral reef off Mexico is the testing ground for a new idea that could protect fragile environments around the world: insurance. The reef, off the coast of Cancún, is the first to be protected under an insurance scheme by which the premiums will be paid by local hotels and government, and money to pay for the repair of the reef will be released if a storm strikes.” …read more