Giving to Latin America and the Caribbean is not always simple – donors must deal with compliance, tax and efficiency issues, as well as complexities that are unique to each country. In today’s environment, donors need a partner they can trust to help them identify projects and organizations in the areas they want to support and then channel their funds without delay.

With over 30 years of experience, TRF is an expert at providing tailored philanthropic giving and advisory services to corporations, individuals and foundations. Our extensive regional expertise and network of more than 370 local nonprofit organizations ensure that donors’ support is effectively channeled to projects that make a difference.

We can help you achieve your philanthropic goals


We help U.S. corporations advance their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility goals in the region and meet all the legal and fiscal requirements for international giving.


We help foundations support far-reaching programs by leveraging our regional expertise, multilingual skills, and partnerships with knowledgeable local nonprofits.


We help individuals put their charitable plans into action by providing strategic philanthropic advising and comprehensive grant management support tailored to their unique goals.
Hosted Funds

Establishing a Fund (SubFund) through TRF enables individual, corporate and foundation donors to support causes and issues that are important to them throughout Latin America and the Caribbean without having to create or manage a private foundation.

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds are convenient and cost-effective ways for Latin American-based nonprofit organizations to accept tax-deductible contributions from donors in the United States.

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