The Resource Foundation, Helping You Donate with Confidence

When you make a charitable donation or impact investment, you do so because you have a specific purpose in mind. A goal you want to see achieved, a cause you want to see furthered. You want to make sure your money achieves as much as it can. But funding causes is filled with uncertainties and legal complexities. You hardly have the time to investigate the thousands of giving and investing options out there. TRF can help. We rigorously perform due diligence, then provide funding for hundreds of worthwhile charitable organizations. We help you overcome all the legal hurdles and ensure your money works as efficiently as possible to empower disadvantaged communities with the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to improve their lives. 4CPR ORO 50MG. PFIZER ITALIA Srl. Principio attivo: SILDENAFIL CITRATO. La somministrazione concomitante di cimetidina (800 mg), inibitore del citocromo P450 ed inibitore non specifico del CYP3A4, e sildenafil (50 mg) in volontari sani, ha causato un aumento del 56% delle...

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Corporate Testimonials

  • Making investments in our retail and origin communities is essential to Starbucks’ corporate social responsibility commitment. The Resource Foundation provides us with critical knowledge of organizations and the expertise in grantmaking throughout Latin America.

    Rodney Hines Director of Community Investments
  • Disease exposes long-standing social vulnerabilities, especially in less developed economies. Johnson & Johnson seeks to collaborate with credible stakeholders who are addressing critical health care issues. We review needs and plan an international response, jointly with high-impact nonprofits, J&J’s local affiliates and our U.S. corporate foundation. The Resource Foundation has been a force multiplier for my charge to identify and fund charities in Latin America. Their dedication to our goals has been a critical component in expanding the J&J Credo of commitment and responsibility to people and communities, and we are using our partnership with The Resource Foundation as a model for increasing our efforts in other regions.

    Dr. Rick Martinez Director, Latin American Contributions
    Johnson & Johnson