For more than 30 years, TRF has been partnering with U.S. social investors and local actors in Latin America and the Caribbean to increase opportunities and improve living standards. We do so by supporting community-based efforts to meet the greatest challenges facing the region. As part of our mission, we work to raise awareness about these issues to mobilize support and promote sustainable development.

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We have created a series of case studies and articles to highlight issues affecting the region and innovative ways in which our local nonprofit partners are addressing these needs. Click on the links below to read our current case studies and articles.

Visit our news blog or media center to learn more about current development issues in the region and our work to create lasting change. Please contact us for more information about the region or to arrange an interview with TRF or with a local expert.


Click below to read TRF’s case studies and articles about pressing issues in the region and our partnership with donors and local nonprofits to make a difference.