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Students in Latin America and the Caribbean perform lower than most of their peers in the rest of the world. Four in five children in Latin America and the Caribbean lack the reading comprehension to understand a simple text at the end of elementary school (World Bank) and 8th graders perform 20% below global peers in math, reading, and science (PISA); and almost 40% of students do not finish upper secondary education (UNESCO). Projections show that by 2030 only half of school-age youth in Latin America and the Caribbean are estimated to be on track to achieve the skills necessary to participate in the workforce (Global Business Coalition for Education).

We have recently seen an accelerated appearance of creative EdTech solutions in the region that offer more flexible, adaptable, and inclusive solutions for our future generations. We believe that philanthropic efforts are key to enabling this EdTech ecosystem that will upgrade the educational systems. More funding is required to ensure that we effectively prepare millions of students in Latin America, while also reducing inequalities and capitalizing on the promise of educational technology. 


In collaboration with these leading EdTech organizations in the region, we have provided STEM training to 25,000 students and we aim to reach 50,000 additional students by the year 2026, preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, The Resource Foundation is actively supporting organizations on the ground that are working to facilitate students from underprivileged backgrounds to have access to new solutions, technology, quality educators, and educational content.

We rely on your continued support to turn this vision into reality. Join us in creating a brighter future for the next generation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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