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Fundación Origen

Fundación Origen is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1991, that is dedicated to holistic social transformation through education and agroecology.

Its main projects include the Pirque Agroecological School, the Natural Sanctuary Los Maitenes, the Origen Farmers Market, The Bodhisattva training and the Virginia Subercaseaux School. In times of need or disaster, Origen activates its relief programs for food and housing. All of these initiatives are interrelated and share the objective of providing concrete tools for generating individual, social and environmental transformation. 

Origen credits its growth as an organization to its open and compassionate response to a changing world, its commitment and deep care for all living beings and willingness to engage in horizontal dialogue with several stakeholders across multiple projects. Each year, Origen directly impacts 600 children and thousands of families through all its programs and, thereby contributing to a more peaceful and equitable world.

Your support helps Origen to:

  1. Keep developing the Origen Farmers Market , which supports hundreds of small businesses and artisans from all over the country and enriches the vocational training of our students with “Production, processing and commercialization of healthy food” courses.
  2. Increase the capacity of the Agroecological school by buying more land and building classrooms for 200 additional younger students.
  3. Restaure agricultural land and forest, protect flora and fauna in the Natural Sanctuary of Río Claro, Origen´s second campus where local communities are inspired to preserve their land, practice agriculture and beekeeping in sustainable ways.
  4. Preserve and promote agro ecological seeds through the creation of the Origen Seeds Bank.

How You Can Help
Support these efforts by donating below. Donations made to The Resource Foundation are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law. To learn more about Fundación Origen and how you can support its work, please call TRF at 212-675-6170.



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