Dominica Disaster Relief Fund

On Wednesday, August 26th, Tropical storm Erika devasted the small Caribbean island of Dominica, triggering massive mudslides and flooding that destroyed roads, bridges and homes across the nation. Official reports state that over 20 people have died and more than 50 people are currently missing. Nine local areas of Dominica were severely affected by the storm and have been declared disaster zones. These areas are Petite Savanne, Bath Estate, Dubique, Campbell, Coulibistrie, Pichelin, Petite Soufriere, Good Hope, and San Sauveur. In light of this tragedy, Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has requested international aid to help mitigate the destruction.

Photo: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Photo: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

In times of such disasters, The Resource Foundation quickly mobilizes resources and reaches out to its local network to assess the situation as well as local needs and responses to determine where donors’ support can be best invested. The Resource Foundation partners with local non‐profit organizations that provide long‐term reconstruction and recovery assistance in areas afflicted by natural disasters. The Resource Foundation collaborates with local NGOs because they have a greater understanding of the social, cultural and economic situation, and thus can develop effective interventions. These organizations are able to quickly assess needs on the ground and develop programs that provide effective long‐term assistance so that victims can rebuild their homes, reestablish their businesses, and restore their livelihoods.

How You Can Help

Donate to the relief efforts in Dominica through the Dominica Disaster Relief Fund at TRF. Join TRF’s donor, Rosalie Bay Resort, and others to support recovery efforts on the island. Donations to The Resource Foundation in support of disaster relief in Dominica are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law.