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Professionalizing Assistant Educational Center – is a Brazilian non-profit technical school located in the city of São Paulo, established in 1985. The organization provides high quality of technical education and professional skills and promotes of digital inclusion through a variety of STEM programs and IT training.  Approximately 950 disadvantage youngsters between 10 and 18 years old residing in the community of Pedreira attend CEAP’s educational activities. Along with technical education, CEAP’s methodology integrates soft skills and engages family participation in the educational process of the young students. 

CEAP’s professional IT trainings prepare students to enter in the job market, fulfills essential requirements for students to pursue their first professional opportunity and builds an important foundation in students’ formation as citizens. 

Throughout its 34 years of activity, CEAP has served more than 7,500 young people and continues to transform the lives of hundreds of families. CEAP’s educational model is recognized by MEC (Brazilian Ministry of Education) 

CEAP’s continued work in quality education and professional qualification in the area of Technology depends on the support of generous individuals and businesses.

How You Can Help
Support these efforts by donating below. Donations made to The Resource Foundation are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law. To learn more about CEAP and how you can support its work, please call TRF at 212-675-6170.



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