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Américas Amigas

Americas Amigas is a Brazilian non-profit organization founded in 2009 with the mission of reducing breast cancer mortality rates among low-income Brazilian women. 

Early-stage diagnosis and proper treatment can provide up to a 95% chance of survival for breast cancer patients. However, in Brazil, many women, especially the ones who live in poverty, do not have access to mammogram exams. 

Americas Amigas donates mammogram machines and exams to public and nonprofit Health Institutions that promote early detection via services including via mammogram exams, ultrasound, and biopsies to underprivileged women on mobile units, as well as on two navy ships that provide mammograms to people living close by the riverbanks (Ribeirinhas) from Amazonas and Pará. Americas Amigas trains technicians and radiologists to ensure high quality exams. In addition, they are constantly promoting awareness and raising initiatives about the importance of early detection and diagnosis to increase the probability of a cure. 

Over the past 9 years, Americas Amigas initiatives to fight Breast Cancer in Brazil have provided access to more than 700,000 mammographies, equipped local service providers with 23 mammogram machines, provided more than 24,000 hours of training and education to health professionals, and campaigned to spread information and awareness about breast cancer. 

Americas Amigas continued work depends on the support of generous individuals and businesses to avoid preventable deaths.

How You Can Help
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