2017 Caribbean Hurricane Relief -
Johnson & Johnson Employees

One of the strongest Category 5 storms on record, Hurricane Irma, slammed into the Caribbean islands on September 5, before moving on to Florida on September 10. The storm almost completely destroyed the infrastructure of some islands, displacing thousands of people and resulting in over 40 fatalities and an estimated $12.9 billion in damage in the Caribbean alone.

While the region was still reeling from Hurricane Irma, another Category 5 storm, Hurricane Maria, battered the Caribbean islands beginning on September 18. As the storm moved north, it has left destruction in its wake, the full extent of which is still unknown.  Regardless, the combined impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria have left much of the Caribbean reeling, with thousands of people displaced, numerous fatalities and widespread destruction. In the Dominican Republic, residents suffered roughly six inches of rain, strong winds and a storm surge of up to six feet, while Hurricane Maria wiped out homes and buildings on the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

The small island of Dominica was left particularly devastated by Hurricane Maria, with “mind-boggling” damage. The small island of only 73,000 residents saw sustained winds of up to 160 miles per hour, which shattered Dominica’s already weak infrastructure. The situation is even more severe given the fact that Dominica was still recovering from the destruction of Tropical Storm Erika in 2015, which left billions of dollars in damage in its wake.

J&J will join efforts with The Resource Foundation (TRF) and local partners to evaluate needs and identify areas for effective collaboration in affected communities. Every dollar makes a difference, and your donations will be crucial in helping the people of the Caribbean recover and rebuild in the coming months. As a company, let us stand together with those in need!

All donations will be matched by J&J 2 to 1!! To take advantage of the matching program, please be sure to check the “Corporate” box on the donation page and include “Johnson & Johnson” in the comments section.

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Cover photo: “Aerial view of part of Roseau, the capital city of Dominica, 20 Sept 2017” by DFID – UK Department for International Development, licensed under CC BY 2.0