Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología

Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) is a non-profit University and an open platform for collaboration. Since 2012, they have caused a disproportionate impact on society through learning, research, and entrepreneurship.

They achieve this by:

  • Educating global, creative engineers, who are both ambitious and sensitive to social and environmental problems.
  • Leading and collaborating in research that solves relevant engineering problems, with meaningful and scalable impact in Peru and the world.
  • Providing high-potential engineering startups with mentoring, resources and links to networks of potential funders.

UTEC is proud to attract applicants who are among the brightest and most innovative in the country. Because they believe their community should be built around people with the right talent and attitude, regardless of economic background, they offer scholarships and “soft” financial aid to their students.

UTEC currently has five undergraduate programs: Electronic engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and energy engineering. Although they perform research in multiple topics, they currently emphasize two focus areas: Water & Environment and Mining.