Unión de Empresarios para la Tecnología en la Educación, A.C. (UNETE)

Unión de Empresarios para la Tecnología en la Educación A.C. (UNETE) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1999 with a mission to improve the quality and equity of education in Mexico. Thanks to the generosity of philanthropist Don Max Shein, a group of entrepreneurs decided to fight the prevalent inequality in Mexico by expanding access to technology and education among children and youth. Through better-equipped classrooms and teacher training, UNETE works toward achieving the larger goal of leveling the playing field between Mexico and the richest countries. UNETE’s vision is to achieve equal opportunities for public schools through access to technology, whereby students can receive a better education and learn how to build a more just and dignified society.

UNETE aims to improve the quality of public school education by equipping public elementary and high schools across the country with computers and Internet access, and particularly schools that serve marginalized populations. The technological upgrades enable children and youth to achieve their potential and succeed academically in an increasingly competitive world. UNETE also seeks to provide equal educational opportunities for youth across the country and encourage Mexican society to integrate technology into their educational practices.

Since its founding, UNETE has provided technological improvements for 7,124 schools and has directly supported 2.4 million students as well as 94,731 elementary school teachers. UNETE’s achievements would not have been possible without the support of its 500 donors and countless supporters across Mexico.