Superación Personal a través de la Tecnología (SUPERATEC)

Superación Personal a través de la Tecnología (SUPERATEC, meaning Personal Growth through Technology) is a nonprofit organization in Venezuela whose mission is to transform the lives of people and communities by creating opportunities for improvement through training around technology, human development and employment. Through promoting digital inclusion, SUPERATEC fosters access, use and social ownership of technology as a tool to improve one’s life – to address community needs, influence public policies, develop knowledge and build capacity.

Since its founding in 2002, SUPERATEC has promoted digital inclusion through its educational programming, both formal and unconventional, focused on developing personal and social skills needed to obtain dignified employment. In the last 12 years, more than 20,000 youth and community members have received training in SUPERATEC’s 15 centers in six Venezuelan states. Some 4,000 youth who have received training through SUPERATEC have gained employment, and around 2,000 have continued their studies. In this way, SUPERATEC helps underprivileged youth and communities acquire the technical training and social skills they need to enter the job market and improve their lives.