SOLIDARIOS Consejo de Fundaciones Americanas de Desarrollo

SOLIDARIOS, Consejo de Fundaciones Americanas de Desarrollo, or the Council of American Development Foundations, is a nonprofit organization and membership association for nonpartisan, private foundations that promote the social and economic development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since its establishment in 1974 in the Dominican Republic, SOLIDARIOS has been mobilizing resources for foundations to improve the quality of life of Latin American populations. In support of both the individual and collective efforts of its member institutions, SOLIDARIOS works across South America as a convener that facilitates connectivity among international organizations, coordinator of trainings and research, and liaison that manages the exchange of information, technologies, methodologies and best practices among its members.

Today, SOLIDARIOS’s regional network comprises 18 foundations that support issues including microfinance, business development, technology, agriculture, social development, housing, infrastructure, health, education and the environment.