Peter Hesse Foundation

The Peter Hesse Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of education in Haiti through teacher-owned community schools. The Foundation believes that one of the best ways to help fight poverty is to give children an education that will enable them to find employment as adults. Therefore, Peter Hesse focuses on establishing self-sustaining schools and training competent teachers.

The Foundation provides furniture and teaching materials, and in some cases, builds or renovates buildings for schools. It also provides schools with ongoing technical support to improve teacher skills. Throughout its 28 years of experience, the Foundation has established an extensive network of local schools, teachers and committed community members.

After the January 2010 earthquake destroyed its teacher training center in Port-au-Prince, the Foundation made a conscious decision to build an improved facility. Teacher training now takes place in a new, environmentally friendly campus in Liancourt, Artibonite. With an adult illiteracy rate of 52 percent, education remains a key obstacle to economic and social advancement in Haiti. Peter Hesse believes that education is the one gift that multiplies and that can help Haiti’s children to have a better future. To this end, they need teachers who can help them succeed.