Minga Perú

Founded in 1998, Minga Peru is an award-winning nonprofit organization working to improve the lives of women and families in the Peruvian Amazon and other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Minga’s programs – whether working directly with women and families in rural areas; training social organizations, government authorities and international foundations; or hosting educational learning tours – facilitate collaboration and deepen the collective action to address pressing global issues.

Minga Peru collaborates with partners on grassroots and global levels to strengthen women’s leadership and support community-led solutions to poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation. “Minga” means “collaborative community work,” and that spirit is the heart of its model. From day one, Minga’s programs have been an active collaboration with local women, men and youth, building on their strengths and working with them to find lasting solutions.

The core of Minga’s work over the past 16 years has taken place in the Peruvian Amazon, where Minga offers a popular radio program on health and social change issues reaching over 120,000 listeners; women’s leadership trainings and promotora networks; conservation efforts with youth and adults; and income-generation projects that provide economic and food security while sustaining the natural resources of the rainforest.

On a regional level, Minga collaborates with indigenous groups and grassroots organizations in Panama, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic through intercultural capacity building initiatives. Minga also works with international partners to increase understanding of challenges facing rural communities in Latin America and the Caribbean and build strong and inclusive movements for social justice.