Minga Perú

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, leading global Peruvian non-profit organization Minga Peru was founded in the Peruvian Amazon where it continues its work today.  Minga strengthens leaders, organizations, and social networks representing the most marginalized communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Minga’s unique strategic communications for social change support inclusive development with gender equity, environmental stewardship and cultural identity through five core initiatives:

Bienvenida Salud! — “Welcome Health”

Based on listener letters (40,000 to date), Minga’s radio program Bienvenida Salud broadcasts three weekly radio programs on topics such as democracy, human rights, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, conservation and gender equity, reaching over 120,000 listeners across the Peruvian Amazon’s extremely remote landscape.

Leadership Trainings and Civic Participation

Every year, dozens of youth and adults become volunteer promoters, receive leadership training, share information and skills and lead health, conservation and income generating projects in their rural communities.  They also become part of a peer-learning network.

Income Generation and Natural Resource Management

Minga helps women and families launch eco-friendly projects that provide economic and food security while sustaining the natural resources of the rainforest.

Bio-cultural Preservation

Minga helps conserve indigenous languages and values, local plant species and increase food security while protecting the environment.

Strategic Communications Training

Minga’s FICE training program strengthens the strategic communication capacity and sustainability of grassroots organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  To date, over 100 organizations and networks in 7 countries have received FICE training.


Your gift is essential to ensuring that those in the most remote regions of the Peruvian Amazon have access to services that support their health and wellbeing, as well as the sustainable preservation of natural resources.

A very kind donor generously provided a $20,000 challenge gift to honor Minga’s great work, celebrate Minga’s 20th Anniversary and encourage other gifts.  Thus, gifts of any amount will make a real difference!  DONATE TODAY!!***

Check out what the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund says about Minga:

***U.S DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE: The Resource Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, has set up the MINGA Peru Fund to facilitate donations in the United States in support of MINGA Peru’s projects benefiting disadvantaged (women).  U.S. Donors receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes, and their donations to The Resource Foundation for the MINGA Peru Fund are tax-deductible to the highest extent allowed by law.