Instituto de Promoción Económico Social del Uruguay (IPRU)

Institución de Promoción Económico Social del Uruguay (IPRU) is a nonprofit organization that strengthens the capacity of individuals, families and organizations from vulnerable sectors of society in Uruguay. IPRU values the active participation of the people and organizations it serves, recognizing their rights, responsibilities, needs and potential.

IPRU’s multi-disciplinary approach is based on non-formal education. Its programming addresses and integrates social, educational, economic, productive, cultural and organizational issues, while fostering responsible participation. With a commitment to service, IPRU promotes and consolidates local organizations, federations and networks and helps them to become independent.

IPRU works hand-in-hand with its program participants, maintaining austerity, a low profile and a commitment to solidarity. In its nearly 50 years of operation, IPRU has helped thousands of people and organizations, which have become the real protagonists of IPRU’s programs and activities. In 2013 alone, IPRU directly reached over 20,000 people through 62 projects.