Fundación Ayuda a la Infancia Hogares Bambi Colombia

Fundación Ayuda a la Infancia Hogares Bambi Colombia is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of at-risk children and youth across several Colombian cities, including Bogota, Cali, Darien, Marinilla and Medellín. The organization aims to provide youth with interdisciplinary support so that they are better able to reintegrate into their families.

Hogares Bambi provides youth with a clean and safe shelter as well as services that support their emotional and social needs. The organization also collaborates with families to support children’s well-being.

Hogares Bambi shelters have a team of medical staff, nutritionists, social workers and psychologists who evaluate and monitor each child. In addition, Hogares Bambi runs PROMEFA, a family support program that seeks to improve families’ social, personal and financial situations through workshops and trainings. These activities foster personal growth and family values, and provide training on technical skills needed to access opportunities for additional sources of income.