Fundación El Caño

Fundación El Caño (FEC) is a private not-for-profit organization in the Republic of Panama that was founded in 2011. The FEC board is comprised of a group of individuals with both cultural and scientific backgrounds who are committed to the investigation and conservation of Panama’s archeological heritage. FEC’s archaeological excavation team includes scientists from several countries, including Panama, the United States and Spain, who contribute their specialized scientific knowledge and expertise to the project.

FEC’s mission is to discover and enhance Panama’s archaeological heritage through scientific research, projects and programs. FEC is dedicated to conservation, education and increasing public awareness with the intent of contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of Panama. The primary archaeological project being conducted by the FEC is an investigation of the “Golden Chiefs of Panama” necropolis located in El Caño, Natá in the Republic of Panama. To date, eight tombs have been excavated in the necropolis. Artifacts recovered from the tombs include thousands of ceramics, gold adornments worn by the leaders buried in the tombs together with objects such as pendants, carved artifacts and belts made from animal bones and teeth. To achieve its mission, FEC raises funds from individuals, private businesses and public entities who support the organization’s goals.