Fundación Huésped

Fundación Huésped is an Argentine organization with regional reach throughout Latin America that has worked in the public health field since 1989 with a human rights perspective focused on HIV/AIDS, STIs, as well as sexual and reproductive health.

Their goal: An equitable, healthy and sustainable society with access to services, health and human rights; where health rights are guaranteed in the context of no discrimination. They work from an integral perspective involving: public impact, research, management of knowledge, skills development and direct services to patients.

To this end, Fundación Huésped offers legal assistance and psycho/social support to people living with HIV/AIDS who have been victims of discrimination. They also administer a mental health program that provides free counseling and psychological support to patients, partners, family members and friends, along with emotional support groups for couples. They lead massive communication and prevention actions because they understand that disease transmission decreases when people have access to information. Finally, Fundación Huésped is a nationally and internationally renowned center for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other transmissible diseases research, as well as the training of health teams.