Asociación Dominicana para el Desarrollo de la Mujer (ADOPEM)

Asociación Dominicana para el Desarrollo de la Mujer Inc. (ADOPEM) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1982 with a mission of empowering disadvantaged women in the Dominican Republic and their families by providing access to microcredit and financial training.  ADOPEM offers affordable financial services and training in various areas in order to help women to improve their living conditions, increase their financial independence and better integrate into the formal economic system.

ADOPEM’s objectives include promoting and strengthening entrepreneurial skills as well as fostering social and human development through services tailored to the needs and demands of its clients. ADOPEM also implements programs, projects and activities focused on building financial knowledge, technical competencies and entrepreneurship among low-income youth.

Among its activities, ADOPEM organizes:

  • Youth technical and vocational trainings
  • Training for entrepreneurs to build and create their own small businesses
  • Financial literacy workshops for youth and adults