Asociación Compañero para Cirugía (ACPC)

Founded in 2008, ACPC is a Guatemalan non-profit that provides medical and surgical care for thousands of Guatemalans who have little or no access to adequate health care. Patients receive life-changing surgery as well as specialized medical care such as treating children with cleft lip and cleft palate, infant nutrition assistance and screening women for cervical and breast cancer.

11783813_1624002637866687_2089739706_oACPC’s rural health promoters prepare isolated rural communities for the arrival of volunteer medical teams, escort patients to surgical sites, and provide post-operative assistance, including its home based Infant Nutrition Program.

Compañero para Cirugia works closely with US sister organization Partner for Surgery (PFS) and with volunteer medical teams from the USA and Canada who provide surgical and other patient medical care. It provides complete logistical support for the medical teams from identifying and scheduling local surgical sites to guiding patients through the entire pre and post medical care process.

27ACPC has a very strong working relationship with the Ministry of Health in Guatemala through its Health Area Directorates and works in close coordination with community-based NGO, municipalities, and community groups. ACPC is working with public and private universities in Guatemala to support an ongoing study at George Washington University in Washington DC to initiate a cleft prevention program.