Américas Amigas

Founded in 2009, Américas Amigas is a Brazilian non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer. The organization was formed by individuals from Brazil and the U.S. who sought to diminish the cause of death amongst women, especially those from low-income households. Its mission is to fight breast cancer by providing  mammogram exams, training courses to health technicians, and awareness campaigns throughout the year.

Américas Amigas has donated 23 mammography machines, 8 digital mammography systems, and one multi-care stereotactic table to public and philanthropic hospitals in different regions of Brazil. Two of the machines were installed in Brazilian Navy ships and provide exams to Ribeirinhas from Amazonas and Pará states in the North region of Brazil.

In addition to donating equipment, Américas Amigas also monitors and evaluates their performance. Over the past six years, the equipment donated has provided over 410,000 mammogram exams.

With these actions, Américas Amigas is certain that Brazilian women, especially from low-income communities, have a better chance to live.