Recently, the concentration of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere has reached unprecedented levels. Measurements taken on May 3, at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, recorded humanity’s first day ever with more than 415 parts per million [ppm] CO2 in the air. If we keep heading in this direction it will mean catastrophic changes to our environment.

Instituto Perene, a non profit based in Brazil, is trying to tackle this head on, by providing environmentally friendly cookstoves, creating hashtag#cleanenergy, to families in the Atlantic Rainforest region of Brazil. The Atlantic Rainforest is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Centre, and is one of the greatest repositories of biodiversity on the planet. Perene promotes sustainable development, while protecting precious non renewable resources. By working with rural cooperatives and private landowners, Perene is taking steps to protect and restore forests, while generating income for those who need it most.

The Resource Foundation is incredibly proud to work with #InstitutoPerene. To find out how you can support programs like Perene, please visit
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